How to Get a Free Vpn and Ovh! [Free] [UnHitable] (2019-2020)

How to Get a Free Vpn and Ovh! [Free] [UnHitable] (2019-2020)
hey guys my needs job every day I sent
me showing you another my channel guys
haven’t you shown you how to get a free
VPN a free VPN and yeah I’m gonna give a
shout-out to Netflix film um I felt film
is a staff member on my server he did
give me the websites caught a win scribe
calm this is what the VPN comes with
comes with location yeah these I was a
half starring them you can’t use them
because that requires pay either and of
course that’s ten gigs so if you run out
of gigs you have to upgrade your account
unless you make it all to count but make
sure that email is yours because you
could activate it and get ten gigs you
don’t actually put a right email when
you log in you have to put you only get
two gigs in that trust me that’s not a
lot but yeah I’m also join my discord
server linguae description yeah let’s
start with tutorial so you want to go
this website Scott Irwin scribe home
link will be in description go in and
click download win scribe go ahead and
go for Windows and it should download
right here click yes oh shit
okay well mine is already on just go
through all the steps just should be
yeah I just over here there is all the
servers right here oh this is a very
short video but if you do want to
connect it I do have another video up
it’s uh it’s my most recent video go
ahead and show you which one it is it’s
this one right here I got tore tricked
yourself from DDoS attacks it should
show you how to put a VPN like it should
tell you how to put a VPN onto your
PlayStation onto your computer onto
everything also by the way it already
comes already comes on your computer so
you can have to know how to put on your
because if you don’t you gonna sell it
on to your computer you’re gonna have it
on your computer guys you guys enjoy the
video go ahead and look thanks subscribe
to my channel guys and I’ll see you guys

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